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Do you want to meet other international students or professionals in Germany?

Do you even want to stay in touch with them?

Would you like to network?

Are you interested in meeting companies at special events?

Do you like to communicate through social networks?

Are you aware about the advantages of networks?

Surely you know!

You know that the network can:

  • to make changes together, to be aware of common interests,
  • to gain new contacts,
  • to build up new knowledge,
  • to regularly exchange experiences,
  • to share know-how,
  • to get to know new perspectives: to look beyond one’s own nose,

We, from BEN Europe Institute know that you like networking. We know that this is important for your success in Germany – it does not matter, if you are searching for a job or if you are studying- to meet the right people, to have contactors or just to be active and online is essential!

We organize events, virtual as well as in our headquarters in Ettlingen, for international professionals. In 2017 we for example plan a networking event with companies from a technical background and international professionals.

Are you interested?

Please feel free to contact us!