International Professionals

Looking for a Job ?

Holding an international technical university degree, but still unemployed in Germany?

Speaking German, but missing job-related language knowledge?

Experiencing strange situations with german lifestyle?

Still organizing all by yourself?

Experiencing difficulties while integrating in Germany?

Interested in learning the German way of working?

Could need important job-related competencies like presenting/negotiating?

Organizational competencies are important to you – like time management?

BEN Europe Institute is your institute regarding professional and intercultural development in Germany.

We supporting you while:

  • Finding your appropriate job.
  • Developing new verbal & cross-cultural management competencies.
  • Getting promoted.
  • Securing your actual job.
  • Integrating in company & society.
  • Gaining certainty.
  • Better understanding and cherishing german culture.
  • Informing about your personal right and duties.

We’re here for you:

As specialists in building international bridges we campaign for responsible and professional projects focusing on international staffing, diversity and intercultural understanding.

Why choose us?

We give you five good reasons:

Your advantages:

  • Our programs are free of charge for you.
  • Specialized in international staffing for MINT Jobs (look at our Ben Europe job exchange site:
  • Specialized in in intercultural issues.
  • Blended learning experts (check out our Ben Europe online academy:
  • Dedicated flexible and focused on client needs.
  • Seriously practical and result orientated.
  • We connect you with companies.
  • Welcoming you with motivated cross-cultural team-players from Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Central and South America.


Our current programs/projects:



Program for international professionals from the branches IT & Engineering

FULP Project


Job orientation program for people from Spain in Germany